Our history

We are a group of Norwegian friends and acquaintances who have a love for Thailand after visiting this beautiful country through many years. We shared a dream of a “second home” in Thailand, which we also want to share with others when we are not there.

In 2007 we found this amazing view point land at beautiful Koh Lanta.  A Thai Limited company were established and after more than two years planning and construction work, Baan KanTiang See Villa Resort opened for booking in January 2010.

Our resort

Our dream was to build a resort consisting of “private homes”, where resort guests, as well as the owners, could enjoy this luxury feeling of privacy – relaxing with friends or families in a homely, comfortable and tropical atmosphere.

Now, we feel our dreams have come through. In our minds, Baan KanTiang See has become a real “home away from home” –  a beautiful, secluded and relaxed place – well taken care of by our wonderful, service-minded, skilled and attentive staff. Our guests confirm this to us through daily feedback.


Baan KanTiang See is proud to have been awarded with the “TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence” and “Travellers Choice” every year since we opened our resort. These certificates, TripAdvisor awards to businesses who consistently receive excellent ratings and great feedback from customers. Most of our guests give us top 5 ranking on TripAdvisor. This makes us extremely grateful, proud and humble.

We hope you will enjoy our small and homely resort and the beautiful surroundings just as much as we do. Warm welcome to all our guests from Baan KanTiang See owners.

KanTiang and Koh Lanta

KanTiang is situated in the southern part of Koh Lanta and the beautiful beach and the cosy, little village are surrounded by the mountains of Kho Lanta’s national park. The area is yet not very touristy, but still offers a variety of restaurants and a few bars. You will find that this beautiful island has a lot of activities to offer – both on sea and land. Just ask our reception staff for advice and help.

Wild life

Where our resort is located, there was formerly forest only. The forest was, and still is, rich of animals of many kinds. Some are visiting us in our villas, other we barely see. There are birds of different sizes and colours everywhere. The most amazing, perhaps, are the ospreys that can be observed daily floating in the air above us. The squirrels are some small, cute friends that are mostly seen early in the morning. Monkeys are everywhere. They are cute, but sometimes also very annoying. And, of course in the tropics, there are geckoes. The small ones, only 5-10 cm long, are many and everywhere. They are our “good friends”, eating mosquitoes and other tiny bugs. We also sometimes accommodate some of the “real” geckoes (size up to 30 cm). These geckoes are living alone or sometimes as a couple. It is said that a house with a gecko is a lucky house.


Thailand has a huge problem with garbage and especially with plastic. The plastic cause great harm to the nature and animals. In our resort we try to avoid using plastic bottles and straws. Every house has a re-usable water tank with drinking water. This water is the same kind of water that can be purchased in plastic bottles in the shops. In the villas we also provide re-usable steel bottles (“Trash hero bottles”), which you can fill and bring with you on tours. Many restaurants and bars on Lanta will fill these bottles for free if you need more water during the day.