We provide a food take-away service from a menu, including both Thai and western food, delivered to your villa within 1 hour. We also offer a small selection of good wines, beer and soft drinks.

If you prefer too cook by yourself, all the villas have fully equipped kitchen. You can shop your ingredients at a local market or order what you need from a list, and our reception staff will do the shopping for you.

Order from restaurants

We provide a food service from a menu, including both Thai and western food. Our receptionist will help you to place your ordered. The food is delivered from a nearby restaurant.

Cooking at home

The kitchen has all necessary equipment for making food. We provide free drinking water from an environmentally friendly, recyclable tank. Charcoal grill can be ordered from reception.

Wine and soft drinks

You can order red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, beer, mineral water, freshly ground coffee, tea etc. from our reception.

Chef in the villa

For a more exclusive, private dinner party, you can order a chef for the night preparing and serving the food you in your villa.


Just a few minutes walk from our resort, you will find a variety of restaurants and bars. Some are located in the nearby village and some along the beach. 

Restaurant transport

We have a deal with some of the best restaurants: if you want, they can transport you to and from the restaurant.